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Madison Houston: Kakugo Wo Kimeru The Sleeping Giant Has Awakened

By Ron Deaton

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Madison Houston is one of the greatest soldiers the U.S. Army has ever known. 

After the death of both her parents in a terrorist attack, Madison vowed that she would fulfill her father’s dream of a career in the army. She trained meticulously and rigorously with her brother, a retired special forces operative, with the hope of becoming an accomplished sniper. 

From Fort Knox to the FBI and the front lines of the war against terror, Madison must repeatedly prove herself and grapple with her principled determination to fight without taking a life. As the threat she pursues comes closer to home, her family and friends become targets.  Can she rest on her training and face the possibility that what her country requires can only come in the form of violent resolution? 

Based on the real experiences of a retired special forces operative, Madison Houston is a study in courage and excellence. Ron Deaton brings readers into the heart of elite military training and with unflinching realism, portrays the steadfast integrity of those who serve.

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Book Length: Long Novel – 320-650 Pages

Ron Deaton