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All That Lingers

By Irene Wittig

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"A standout among the many novels set in this world-changing era.” KIRKUS STARRED REVIEW

The rise of Nazism in Austria catapults life in Vienna into chaos.

Emma grapples with the harsh new reality of her country’s betrayal, and desperately clings to her humanity by hiding her Jewish friends. In the war’s aftermath, she finds solace in helping those in even greater need than herself.

Friedrich teeters on the edge of what is right and his personal survival. His actions and inaction leave long-lasting repercussions that years later threaten to throw all their lives into turmoil again

A decade after the war, Sophie – Friedrich’s niece, and the daughter of Emma’s friend – returns to Vienna from her American refuge seeking her lost history.

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ASIN: B08673L2VH

Book Length: Long Novel – 320-650 Pages

Irene Wittig