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My Emotional Self: A Guide to Emotional Self Care

By Venita Vance

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One of the most crucial things you can do for your health and well-being is practice self-care.

Even though life might be hectic and overwhelming, it's important to schedule time for self-care. Focusing on what you need when you need it with the goal of health and well-being is what self-care entails.

Resting when necessary, eating natural foods, exercising the body, meditating, maintaining good relationships, having fun, and giving up harmful behaviors or bad habits are all examples of self-care. Anything that is concerned with your wellness is on the list.

Innate wisdom takes control when the body has been mistreated long enough and self-care is not a top concern. The body transmits signals. Sometimes prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, or other harmful vices are used to ignore or suppress the warnings. It is necessary to pay attention in order to restore the body's balance.

The body's wise way of signaling that you need help is through symptoms. By digging deeper and posing the sometimes challenging questions, healing occurs. What causes this symptom to appear? What does my body say to me? What changes in behavior are necessary? Which feeling is associated with this symptom? Instead of stifling a problem, even more, further inquiries need to be made. The problem will keep returning unless the fundamental reason is fixed. The balance will exist after the underlying problem has been resolved.

Traditional Chinese medicine holds that the body links specific emotions to specific organs. The heart is connected with joy, the kidneys with fear, the liver-gallbladder with wrath, and the spleen with anxiety and overthinking. Grief has a connection to the lungs. So you may think about a potential emotional link the next time a symptom is encountered.


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