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Marrying Myself

By Christine Melanie Benson

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It's a fairy tale come true for Julia Jones, a stalled artist living in Boston's Old World Italian neighborhood, the North End. She's engaged to marry the impossibly wonderful (and impossibly wealthy) Asher Bartlett - in a Swiss castle, no less. And after the wedding, she'll get to ditch her dead-end job and go from being a sometime painter to a full-time artist.

But when the wedding plans take a turn for the worse, in a flash, Julia's life goes from fairy tale to second-rate soap opera. Determined as she is not to again lose track of her art, she's got to pay the rent - and deal with her diabolical coworker. She does her best to hold it together as brief flickers of romantic hope are followed by repeated rejection. All the while, she's haunted by the biggest mystery of all: what went wrong with Asher?

Looking for a fun, often funny read with substance and a jolt of self-love? Pick up 
Marrying Myself and fall in love with Julia, with Boston - and, most of all, with yourself.

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Book Length: Long Novel – 320-650 Pages