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Spinster Bride For The Gold Miner (A Sweet Western Historical Romance)

By Florence Linnington

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Betty “Blue” Yates has single-handedly run the Clear Hollow saloon
for the past ten years. But times are changing fast. Her elderly mother
has passed away, leaving her truly alone for the first time.

Blue for her prematurely silver hair, and already considered a spinster
by most, Blue has never seen herself as marriage material.

at the foot of the mountain ranges outside Clear Hollow, rumors spread
of gold being found in the rivers. The town is flooded with people
chasing fortune. One of them is Thomas Harper, a young man come looking
for gold and adventure.

Looking for a room and board at the
saloon, he’s immediately drawn to Blue. She’s unlike any woman he’s ever
come across. One night, when Blue is completely overwhelmed by the most
business she’s ever had, Thomas jumps behind the bar and helps her keep
up with demand. Admitting she needs the help, Blue makes him work in
her saloon.

As Blue fights her feelings for the young Thomas and
he tries to convince her that she’s someone worth loving, tensions arise
and their relationship is tested before it begins.

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Book Length: Long Novel – 320-650 Pages

Florence Linnington