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QuickFame: a novel

By Jason Fabbri

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Felicia Scalding is a still-recognizable 1990s ex-popstar who is in a state of mental and financial desperation. Hard working, street smart and intelligent, but flawed. Gripped by a gambling addiction, and keen to rediscover the limelight after becoming the subject of a viral dance meme, she accepts a chance offer to resurrect her fame & fortune as a judge on TV talent show, QuickFame.

QuickFame tracks her desperate to rebuild her life and career, lost through betrayal and addiction by secretly directing a manufactured boyband through the competition.

Being on the TV talent show reveals ambitions and secrets of each of the members of the boy band, #Five, led by genderqueer heartthrob Layton Coy, as well as memorable QuickFame contestants and their entourages. In a piggybacking of fortunes, others begin to hitch their stars to Felicia, while she, in turn, parasitically attaches herself to the seemly misdirected but talented boyband. This ensemble’s fortunes are intertwined for career and coin in the pursuit of their own fifteen minutes of fame.

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ISBN: 978-0646867649

Book Length: Long Novel – 320-650 Pages