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A Match Made in Spell

By Erin Lynn

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What good is a witch with no magic?

I’m Lexi Balefire and I wear a lot of hats, but none of them are tall and pointy. I spend half my time making love matches that last forever, and the other half trying to keep my faerie godmothers from turning each other into toads. Or worse.
I come from a long line of witches, some of them wicked, but none of that will matter if my magic doesn't awaken before midnight on my next birthday. If I miss that deadline, I'll never be a true witch. If my mother and grandmother hadn't used their magic to kill each other, one of them might have been able to give me the keys to the mystery and I'd be one step closer to claiming my Fate Weaver heritage.
Now, I guess I'll have to figure it out on my own. 

The Fate Weaver series featuring the enchanting Lexi Balefire, matchmaking witch, has elements of mystery, romance, and the supernatural. It's an urban fantasy with lots of humor and a cozy mystery feel.

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ISBN: 978-1541188556

Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages

Erin Lynn