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Hold Me Forever: A Hartley Brothers Romance Suspense Novel

By Alessa Kelly

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She’s a traumatized survivor. He’s a closed-off veteran. Can two lost souls find safe harbor together?

Amber-Rose Cannizzaro’s scars run deeper than her damaged face. After her ex-boyfriend left her maimed and about to drown, the resilient fighter mends by fixing stuffed animals who are just as beaten and broken. But when a handsome stranger begs her to repair his little sibling’s teddy bear, feelings she thought long dead begin to stir.

Robson Hartley has walled off his bleeding heart. Still reeling after his former fiancée’s betrayal and his parents’ sudden death, he struggles to connect with a kid brother who desperately wants to cuddle a shredded toy. So when he saves a sweet seamstress from a robber, the SEAL turned billionaire fears he’s got too much on his hands to make a relationship work.

As Amber drops her defenses and fully embraces their passion, she’s horrified when an old abuser returns and threatens to shipwreck her happily ever after. And even as Robson embraces his healed sibling and the woman of his dreams, he prepares to defend his family from the dangerous predator on their trail.

Can this wounded couple overcome their traumatic pasts and learn to love again?

Hold Me Forever is the captivating first book in the Hartley Brothers romantic suspense series. If you like brave women, softhearted hunks, and the healing power of destiny, then you’ll adore Alessa Kelly’s touching tale.

Hold Me Forever to set sail on an emotional voyage today!

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Alessa Kelly