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The Vampire Ball (The Vampire Council Book 6)

By Laurie Bowler

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The gripping and compelling new vampire series continues the journey and lives of vampire council leader Aries and human pet Natalie.

The evening of the vampire council ball has arrived, and Natalie has never been so nervous until tonight. Under the deceptive ruse of playing the human-pet so the council won't discover the true relationship between Aries and Natalie, she attends the ball. Throughout the evening, they are tested by the cruellest council members until the end, where there is a sudden surprise revelation that will leave both Natalie and Aries scared of the future.

Will they get through the evening intact without raising suspicions of their actual relationship and the depth of their feelings towards each other?

What happens to Natalie when she discovers a shocking turn of events?

Find out in the exciting sixth book of The Vampire Council series.


Book Length: Short Story – 0-60 Pages

Laurie Bowler