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The Purple Dolphin

By M.S. Saxon

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A critical parent with alcohol issues, a parrot with a knicker fetish, death threats in the post. Catherine's life is stuck on a treadmill and something needs to change ...

1960's - 1990's North East England

Contemporary women's crime fiction novel following two rival families. The Grimshaws are market traders, the Morettis - known criminals with a grudge. Catherine is left holding things together when brother Steven is incarcerated, her mother becomes mentally ill and her father arranges his own exit.

Steven has his own personal war to fight behind bars, while Catherine goes sleuthing to find her missing nephew. Along the way she uncovers hidden family secrets, the chance of a whole new future, and dare she hope, even romance? But it's a rocky path to climb. And just who is her real father?

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Book Length: Long Novel – 320-650 Pages

M.S. Saxon