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Spiritual Journey: Wisdom From God

By Tristan Mowrey

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God has guided me throughout the years, but I did not always listen to Him. Once I opened myself to Him, He showed me that my spiritual walk is a journey that is going to take some time. None of us are perfect; we all have things that we can learn from God. Use this book to nurture your relationship with God. Growing close to Him is not an accomplishment to be check marked, but rather a journey to be slowly undertaken at His side. During this spiritual journey, you will get to see the wisdom that God showed me over the years and in turn, apply it to your own life. I have learned a lot and still have plenty to learn, but at this point in my life, God has laid it on my heart to share with you the wisdom He has imparted to me.

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Book Length: Novella – 60-150 Pages

Tristan Mowrey