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Lurch (Demented Souls Book 9)

By Melissa Stevens

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Lurch has come to Gillette to help his president keep the ranch he's inherited. He never counted on what he would find while he was there.
Kerry has been in Gillette for more than five years. She came for school but stayed. Life on her family's farm in southern Wyoming held no appeal to her. She was getting by waiting tables until she found something more exciting. Who would have guessed that more exciting would be a tattooed biker sitting at her next table?
Lurch had a lot on his plate. Learning a new job, dealing with managing men who'd never seen him as a leader, then he met Kerry and something about her called to him. Still, he was here for a reason and it wasn't to chase a local girl. The Souls were counting on him. But could he have both?
Find out if Kerry can handle all that being associated with the Demented Souls means or if she will flee to keep her heart intact.





Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages

Melissa Stevens