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The Voice: A Study

By Gabe Liliedahl

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The Bible says it's possible to hear God's voice TODAY.  The Voice: A Study prepares the reader for that experience.

The Voice: A Study is the result of a passion meeting reality. The author's passion for hearing God's voice has developed into a book series to help others encounter God's voice for themselves. This second book in The Voice series approaches the voice of God in a much different manner than the first book. The first book related personal experiences with God's voice from cover to cover. This book explains God's voice using the Bible and combines that with a few testimonies in an attempt to help the reader make a connection with God for themselves. The heroes of the faith were flawed individuals. Though we can be inspired through their faith, we can also learn from their shortcomings. Abraham often gets mentioned as the father of faith, but rarely is it mentioned that God had to tell him twice to leave for what would be Israel. David also is characterized as having great faith in God, but rarely is it mentioned that God had to tell him more than once to do something for God. Both of those accounts are expanded upon within the book. The Voice: A Study teaches the reader how to hear from God and process anything He might say. There is an emphasis on the reader's relationship to God. There's an even heavier emphasis on discerning God's voice from other voices. Because God often speaks in dreams and riddles, both of those topics get discussed at length in their own chapters. Because there are false dreams and dreams generated by one's own soul, those dreams get discussed too. The author supplies more than enough information to prepare the reader for their own dream interpretation. There are two chapters devoted to signs and their significance. Signs have a voice, but are not always easily spotted. Again, explanation is given to help the reader look for signs in their own lives. Anyone looking for a deeper relationship with God would benefit from learning His voice as depicted in The Voice series.

ASIN: B0BG69L866

Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages