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1 Corinthians: But the Greatest of These is Love

By Dr. Andrew C S Koh

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Dr. Andrew C. S. Koh provides a commentary, study, and devotional guide based on 1 Corinthians for Christians of all levels of maturity. This book is divided into 17 chapters, each beginning with a prayer followed by reflection, application, and prayer. By reading, studying, meditating, and applying scripture, readers can enhance their spiritual growth, faith maturity, and understanding of the truth. This book is a great tool for deepening your knowledge and grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It's a must-read for those looking to strengthen their relationship with God and draw closer to Him. Discover the power of this book to help readers become their best selves and appreciate the truth. Read 1 Corinthians today and discover the power of the Bible and how it can change your life.
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Dr. Andrew C S Koh