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My Rodeo Man

By Bonnie Phelps

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not the man she wanted but he’s the man she fell for… hard.


Kincaid looked like one more risk-taking, bad boy to add to the long list of
men who had broken Ashley’s heart. Aiming for a fresh start, Ashely moved
halfway across the country to Texas. From here on out, players need not apply
for the key to her heart. So how in the world had this cocky, confident cowboy
charmed his way into her affections?


Drayton seemed like the kind of woman who typically made rodeo champion Zach
Kincaid turn tail and head for the hills. A spoiled, prima donna. And that list
of hers? Her perfect man sounded like a real yawn. Zach isn’t in the market for
a wife but when he is, she’ll be a woman who can stand beside him in the
hard-knock world of ranching and rodeoing. So why can’t he get her out of his

A witty romance about discovering that Mr. Wrong... just might be Mr. Right. 


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Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages

Bonnie Phelps