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Translation Process Outsourcing : Guide for Translation Vendors


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With more than a decade of experience in the Translation and review, this book covers the most essential information any Translation Vendor or Translating Agency or Freelance Translator should know in order to get the best translation service. I have tried my best to cover all the aspects of the translation industry, so that any new comer may also find it easy to understand the smallest elements involved in the process of outsourcing a translation task.

Suppose you are having your company headquarters in USA and want to sell your product in Tamil Nadu, India. You are having a product A which is sold at $10 in USA. If the translator keeps it as $10 then the users in Tamil Nadu may not understand the price in their local currency. Lets say, the translator multiplies $10 X 70(Which may be today’s Dollar price in terms of Indian rupees), then the product could be sold at Rs.700 in India. But that may be too costly for the customers in India, or the dollar value might have changed to 1 USD = 80 INR. In this case, your company would be selling the product at 100 INR loss.
So, what could you do to avoid loss?


Book Length: Short Story – 0-60 Pages