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United Front-The Complete Series: An Anthology of Bad Boy, Second Chance, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Steamy Romances

By Kelly Jayne

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Follow five best friends and comrades in arms as they find love and passion in the least likely of places.

One & Done: A Bad Boy, Age Gap, Steamy Romance (United Front Book 1)
Holly Toliver doesn't believe in love. She saw what it did to her parents, and she wants no part of it.

Morgan Drake has had true love once and he doesn't believe he will ever find that same love again.

When Holly’s Dad died five years ago, she left town and hasn’t looked back. But when her mom passes away Holly must return home. While packing up her childhood home, she finds documents relating to her dad’s secret past and Morgan Drake.

Holly feels an instant connection to Morgan and being around him makes it grow even stronger. But she doesn’t do relationships, right?

Will Holly and Morgan find in each other what they never thought possible? Or will their fears and flaws keep them apart despite the growing passion between them?

Memories of Us: A Bad Boy, Second Chance, Steamy Romance (United Front Book 2)
Dane and Heather were high school sweethearts who promised to love each other forever. But an unexpected injury de-rail their perfect plans for a perfect future.

Ten years later their paths collide when Heather’s image turns up in the middle of a kidnapping investigation.

Dane has never stopped loving Heather and wants a second chance.

After a passionate reunion, Heather’s connection to Holly’s attempted kidnapping is revealed.

Can the United Front team keep Heather safe or does the corruption run too deep? Will Dane and Heather finally have the life they always dreamed of?

Enemies, Friends & Lovers: A Bad Boy, Friends to Lovers, Steamy Romance (United Front Book 3)
As Morgan and the UFI team prepare to protect Holly from Doc's killer, will their passion be re-ignited? Will the couple finally get their happily-ever after?

Meanwhile, things are heating up between Miles & Audrey. But an old friend may have other plans for Audrey and the UFI team.

No Perfect Love: A Bad Boy, Enemies to Lovers, Steamy Romance (United Front Book 4)
Eddie was destroyed when his wife left him while serving his country overseas. Now, he vows to protect his heart at all costs and to never let himself love again.

Kennedy goes from man to man, hoping each time that she has found true love this time, but she is always left feeling disappointed and alone.

When Eddie and Kennedy are forced on a road trip together, they drive each other crazy. And when that disdain and frustration turns into an unbelievable night of passion, will they finally find in each other what they so desperately need? Or will someone from Eddie's past threaten to destroy their last chance at happiness?

It Was Always You: A Single Dad, Second Chance, Steamy Romance (United Front Book 5)
Sam is the single dad of a 10-year-old daughter, a successful attorney, and one of the founding members of United Front, and he has a secret.

Lucy has loved Sam since they were kids. There has always been a special chemistry between them.

When Lucy is thrown into a dangerous situation with a violent criminal, the truth of their feelings for each other bursts to the surface. And Sam will do whatever it takes to rescue her and show her his true feelings.

Will Sam arrive in time and save the girl of his dreams? Or will he be too late and lose her forever?

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Kelly Jayne