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Daddy's Best Friend (The Forbidden Attraction)

By Lydia Hall

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I forced myself to forget about Alan… the man who was not only my father’s best friend, but also my new boss. 

Resisting my urges to jump into bed with a hot older man only led to trouble. 

The more I ran from my feelings, the closer I felt to Alan. 

He was aware of my secret – the filthy things that excited me. 

But the secret we had to hide from the world continued to get more complicated. 

I kept thinking that I still had time to get out. 

It was only when I missed my period that I saw my future flash before my eyes.

I was about to lose not only my father’s trust, but also my job. 

Those two pink lines came with two choices… 

Hide the news and disappear, or be honest with Alan and have my heart broken. 


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