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Born To Rise: A Journey From Setbacks To Comebacks and Lessons Learned

By Lorna Blake

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Born To Rise encompasses a young woman's journey from abandonment, abuse and rejection to her empowerment and success. It tells the story of a young girl who felt counted out, discounted and knocked down by the hand she was dealt at birth.

From being abandoned by her father at birth to abuse by her mother, the death of her beloved grandmother and sexual abuse by a stepfather, she felt she had been walloped by life.

How could she possibly climb out from under it? With the strength of her ancestors encoded in her DNA, she refused to stay down. She found a way to courageously rise from obscurity to infinite possibility.

She shares her story with humor, eloquence and wisdom to inspire others to recognize they too have the power to climb out from under and create a fantastic comeback from life's setbacks.

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Book Length: Novella – 60-150 Pages

Lorna Blake