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Infernal Affairs

By Declan Finn

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Detective Tommy Nolan is having a bad day.
Gunfights are no longer a rare occurrence in his life. Not since he caught a serial killer demon and destroyed a death cult. He’s already had to relocate his family once. If things don’t settle down soon, he might have to leave New York for good.

And the NYPD can’t keep ignoring all the chaos and slaughter around Tommy. Add a murdered priest, a SWAT team raid, an internal affairs investigation and a million-dollar bounty into the mix, and Tommy’s whole week is ruined.

Every demon, monster, and gangbanger in New York and New Jersey are crawling out of the pit to claim the reward on Tommy’s head.

It’s hard enough to fight demons when they’re breaking the law. But what can you do when they’re hiding behind it?

Declan Finn continues the saga of a modern day saint in Infernal Affairs. Enjoy the ride as a faithful man stands up against the armies of darkness in New York, with only his faith and his guns to guard him.

Can Tommy finish this case? Or will he be taken out by an inside man? He has to figure out who wants to martyr him before it’s too late.

Read Infernal Affairs today to find out if Tommy survives!

ASIN: B07N43SZ54

Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages