Good to the Last Drop

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Good to the Last Drop

By Declan Finn

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The epic conclusion to the Dragon Award nominated series! Marco doesn’t need moonlight to become a violent, out-of-control monster. Amanda and Marco have fought the forces of darkness and won. They’ve even overcome their greatest fear: their passion for each other. But an old enemy from Amanda’s past wants revenge. He is going to end her once and for all. And he’s going to do it through Marco. All it takes is one little bite. Just one bite, and all of Marco’s rage and desire can be turned against Amanda. Just one bite, and he truly becomes the monster he already fears he is. Why would Amanda’s adversary kill her himself, when he can just order a moon-crazed Marco to do it instead? Can Marco fight the infection within himself? Or will he end up murdering his true love, helpless against his new nature? Not content with the mayhem and magic in the previous books of Love at First Bite, Declan Finn kicks it up a notch in this satisfying end to Amanda and Marco’s star-crossed adventure saga. Find out if Amanda and Marco get their happily ever after. Read Good To The Last Drop today!

  • ASIN: B07GV2N394

Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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