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Spark of Hope: MacKenny Brothers Series Book 3: An MC/Band of Brothers Romance

By Kathleen Kelly

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My woman has been taken.

As President of the Loyal Rebels MC, I look out for a lot of people.

Lola has never been one of them. She’s always taken care of herself.

I’ve never officially claimed her.

Everyone knows Lola is mine, and no one touches what’s mine. She’s been with me for four years, but Lola has secrets, ones I never even thought to ask her about.

Now, we are in a race against time to rescue her.

Will we find her, or will the secrets she’s kept destroy her and the life we’ve built together?

Lola is my tether to this world, my hope for a better one. She’s strong, willful, and I thought she loved me unconditionally.

With her troubled family and a drug cartel surrounding us, I hope the MC, our relationship, and Lola survive.

The Loyal Rebels and my five brothers are with me, but our enemy is unclear.

We must find Lola and protect our own, or all hope will be lost.

From International Bestselling Author Kathleen Kelly comes book three in her MacKenny Brothers series.
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Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages