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Grave Secrets

By Cassandra Aston

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A soon to be
best-seller, and the first book in the Prophecies of Angels and Demons trilogy.


Life feels infinite when you're young, but Allie
Graves knows all too well that she's living on borrowed time. Six years ago,
she made a deal to save her life in exchange for service to the angels. 

It seemed like a sweet bargain when she made it,
but what do seventeen-year-olds know about making life choices? Now her six
years of service are up and returning to her mortal life comes with some
serious consequences.

To top it off, a mystery man has come into
her life, but the angels aren't fond of his brand of magic, so they've made it
their mission to end him. How's a girl supposed to get a date when the guy
might not survive the week?


Allie has less than a month to uncover a family
secret, save the hottie, and plan for life after angel duty. It's a tall order.


Fans of J Bree and Patricia Briggs will be
swept away by this urban fantasy romance full of dark magic, family secrets,
and gut-wrenching twists. From the first page to the last, you won't want to
put it down. This is book is recommended for 18+ due to graphic descriptions
and sexual situations.

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Book Length: Long Novel – 320-650 Pages

Cassandra Aston