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Apprehensive Heart (The Stillwater Series Book 1)

By JT Salen

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When Teagan McConnell’s heart was shattered by the loss of her father, her life changed forever. She spends her waking hours at school or working as a mechanic at her uncle Nick’s shop, limiting her social life, which she prefers. Her childhood friends, Ryan and Meghan are the only two people outside her family, that understand the hell she lives through every day. The one thing she keeps for herself, is the one thing that killed her father. While his parents navigate their messy divorce, Luca Cantor would rather get in his 1970 GXS and drive forever. Unfortunately, his life isn’t his own yet. In his senior year of high school, he is yanked out of school and moved to a new town. As the chip on his shoulder grows, so do the conflicts with other students who don’t trust the new boy. Could the girl on the motorcycle be the girl of Luca’s dreams? Is it possible to trust the angry boy with green eyes? Opening their apprehensive hearts won’t come easy. But it just might be worth it.

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Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages

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