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By M.J. Edington

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The theatre of war has changed – and so must the rules of engagement.

Welcome to the 21st century, an age of redefined conflict where the enemy need not announce his presence on the battlefield. In an age of covert, post-modern warfare, the enemy is already inside the gates. Unlawful Enemy Combatants (UECs determined to kill, steal, and destroy, can cost the country everything if left unchecked. When national interest hangs in the balance, nothing can stay off the table.

Enter the Reaper Initiative, America’s answer to internal threats by radicals, extremists, and covert operatives. An elite group of operatives with plausible deniability baked into their very operational structure, the Reapers are America’s secret line of defense against all that lurks in the shadows.

But a new American civil war is on the horizon: a full-out internal insurgency backed by a familiar external enemy.

Now there is a war to win - and the Reapers are there to win it.

No matter what it takes. 

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Book Length: Long Novel – 320-650 Pages