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Guitars & Cadillacs

By Sabine Keevil

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Get ready to take a journey into the heart of Nashville with Guitars & Cadillacs, the first book in the SoundMaster series, a collection of contemporary country music themed romance novels. Follow the story of Reanne Parker, a radio announcer who falls in love with country music superstar Colton Wright, only to find that dating a public icon comes with its own set of challenges. From Colton's ex-wife and a ten-year-old mystery to adoring fans and the pressures of the music industry, Reanne and Colton must navigate the twists and turns of their relationship while keeping their voices strong for the biggest duet of their careers. But will their pasts catch up with them and jeopardize everything they've worked for?

This light and fun read offers a glimpse into the glamorous and gritty world of country music, and explores the complexities of dating a superstar with skeletons in his closet. With themes of love, trust, and forgiveness, Guitars & Cadillacs is perfect for fans of both romance novels and country music. You won't want to miss this captivating tale of love, music, and redemption, from the heart of Nashville to the beaches of Honolulu.


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ISBN: 978-0987858047

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Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages