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Old Dark (The Last Dragon Lord Book 1)

By Michael La Ronn

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He's a supreme dragon lord at the height of his power, but there's a conspiracy brewing.

Old Dark is a viperous dragon lord who rules the world with brute force. For two hundred years, he and his dragons have terrorized humanity, forcing it to pay tribute or die.

Dark's palace of blood and bone sits on caverns of treasure. He's stockpiled all the world's magic for his own personal use, making him akin to a god.

There is another dragon in Dark's inner circle who wants Dark's power and fortune for himself. And if Dark doesn't stop his own overthrow, he'll suffer a fate far worse than death.

But Dark won't fall easily. There's a reason the ancients called him Dark the Wicked…

Old Dark is a different kind of dark fantasy, told through the eyes of a blood-thirsty dragon. Readers who like antiheroes, the Age of Fire series, and Smaug from Lord of the Rings will love this heart-pounding story of power, revenge, and true evil.


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Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages