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Dawning of Darkness: The Fall of Gods and Kings (Next Life, #0)

By James G. Robertson

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Systems fall,
planets die—darkness dawns on us all. When a god known simply as the
Dark Creator enters our universe, the concord of the world inhabited by
the spirits of men and their kings, the gods' chosen few, fades. As this
being and his overwhelming force of corrupted horrors and children
eclipse Afterworld and its territories, the kingdoms of men must put
aside their differences and band together.

After millennia of fighting, the final blockade separating man from
those sinister entities has collapsed. With so much at stake, and with
the Dark Creator approaching the Divine Mountains, will our protectors'
sacrifices ensure Afterworld's survival? Or will this encroaching
darkness consume it all?

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ISBN: 9781954638112

Book Length: Novella – 60-150 Pages

James G. Robertson