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Out of Due Season: The First Transit: A Sci-Fi Thriller

By Benjamin X. Wretlind

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A dead man floating in a lake. A second gruesome discovery. Will submerged secrets alter the course of humanity?

Zachary Miller is struggling with grief. Feeling helpless from loss and his sister’s disappearance, the rookie recovery specialist is retrieving a drowned corpse when he finds over three hundred more bodies. And diving down to tag the remains, he spies a suspicious hatch lurking beyond the deteriorating flesh.

When letters reveal the victims were members of a religious cult, Zachary meets a skilled geo-intelligence analyst with evidence the tragedy might be a hoax. And as he and his new ally recruit a team to uncover clues below the trapdoor, the truth they seek threatens to change their planet forever.

Is Earth’s future about to be wiped out by a world-shattering conspiracy?

Out of Due Season is the provocative first book in the Transit anthropological science fiction series. If you like a diverse cast of characters, gritty happenings, and intriguing dystopian settings, then you’ll love Benjamin X. Wretlind’s eye-opening thriller.

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Book Length: Long Novel – 320-650 Pages