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Protecting Allie

By Audrey Bell

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She's the daughter of my ex-military buddy, scared, and in need of protection. When a stalker threatens to take her life, I could lose my sweet girl before I ever get the chance to make her mine.


When my best friend, Mickey, gets remarried and leaves to enjoy his honeymoon, he made me swear to look after his daughter, Allie. I didn’t tell him that I can’t take my eyes off her even if I tried. She’s a fully grown woman now at 25 years old but she's still thirteen years younger than me. And Mickey would bury me alive if he knew I was thinking about his daughter that way. So I keep my distance, even though it kills me to do it.

Then Allie calls me in the middle of the night, terrified. Someone is stalking her, invading her private life with threatening messages.

I will do everything in my power to keep her safe, relying on my military background to protect her. What I’m not prepared for is the way danger and adrenaline ramp up the sexual tension between us, making it impossible to deny my feelings for her.

My dad’s best friend, Duke, is like an uncle to me, buff, broody, and protective. I didn’t want to tell Dad about the stalker in the middle of his wedding plans, but I’m so grateful to have Duke watching my back.

After a close call with my stalker leaves me shaken, I find myself taking refuge in Duke’s arms. I’m not blind to the way he looks at me though. It’s more than mild fondness. He’s obsessed with me in a way he’s trying so hard to hide.

One hot, wild night is all it takes for our self-control to dissolve, tumbling between the sheets together. When I finally have Duke in my bed, I know it’s more than a temporary fling in the heat of the moment. I’m in love with my dad’s best friend forever.

What am I going to tell my dad? And now that Duke is in my life as more than just an impromptu bodyguard, will that paint a target on his back for my stalker, too?


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Book Length: Novella – 60-150 Pages

Audrey Bell