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Sinfully Mine

By Lucia Jordan

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Willow Navaro enjoys a quiet job as the evening desk clerk at the exclusive St. Charles hotel. Working nights makes having a social life almost impossible for her, but jobs are scarce and she needs the money to save up for her dream of one day having her own art studio. She also daydreams a little about the hotel’s most gorgeous regular guest, Colin Bond, who is one of the most successful and provocative fine art photographers in the country.

The biggest downside to Willow’s job is working with the hotel’s manager, David Briggs, a lecherous drunk who can’t seem to get the message that she’s just not interested. When things escalate into sexual assault, Willow finds herself in real danger…only to be rescued by none other than Colin Bond and a kiss that sets them both on fire.

But will Willow’s sexual fantasy be turned on its head when her boss, Briggs tries to make her his slave in the worst way possible?

Will Colin Bond be able to save her a second time around?
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ASIN: B01601A86I

Book Length: Short Story – 0-60 Pages