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The Road to Hancock County: From Tragedy to Triumph

By James Odell

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Meet the man who has had it all, lost it all, but found the truth in it all.

If you are ready for a wild, jaw-dropping, mind-blowing rollercoaster of crime, drugs, and sex- prepare to meet James Odell-a millionaire who spent his fortune on alcohol, cocaine, women, and a lavish lifestyle.

In his breathtaking, shocking, and mesmerizing autobiography, "The Road to Hancock County," James Odell tells about his life in organized crime and shows his long fall from power, position, and prestige. He shares how he became a heroin addict and an alcoholic. Finally, he ended up losing all the money that he made and everything that made life worthwhile, including his family.

One day in the small town of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, James was arrested and had a spiritual experience with God through Jesus Christ. He gave his life to the Lord. Miraculously, God opened the way for him to witness the goodness of God to thousands. He became a living witness of grace in the Hancock County Jail, in schools, treatment centers, and churches all over South Mississippi. James Odell did all of this while he was in prison. He would eventually become a college student at America's largest Christian university. You should hold on tight because James Odell gives you a riveting account of his former life and a beautiful testimony of God's grace.
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Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages

James Odell