The Ex-Princess

The Ex-Princess
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A PUBLISHERS WEEKLY BEST BOOK OF 2019 How do you tell your best friend you can’t marry him after all? Abelia is content in her menial job and tiny apartment. When royal emissaries arrive to enforce the marriage contract she thought was void, she has no intention of going with them across the Unveiled. But the alternative means losing the chance to say goodbye to her dying father and letting five years of silence be the last thing they share... Edward is handed his kingdom unexpectedly when his brother goes off the rails. Now, he must fight a war he doesn’t think he can win. The only task more daunting will be convincing the girl he’s loved all his life to cooperate...if only she’d call him back. No one has ever gotten out of an international marriage contract. Can Abbie find a loophole in time to save the life she’s fought to live? The Ex-Princess is the first book in the Borderline Chronicles and has a guaranteed HFN ending.
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Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages

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