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The Triple Path

By James Kenneth Rogers

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There's a crisis of meaning in the modern world. How many of us yearn for something, without knowing exactly what? We've lost something, straying in a world of distractions. Society's increasing secularization has stripped the sacred from our lives and culture, jettisoning much that is bright and good in exchange for dark, dull substitutes.

Every human society has had religion-has needed religion. It is foolish to think ours is any different.

But at the same time, the ancient cosmologies and doctrines of the world's major religions appear to be in ever-greater conflict with modern discoveries, making traditional religion feel increasingly dissatisfying and irrelevant to growing numbers of people.

The Triple Path offers a solution-it sets forth a new monotheistic religion that revives the most ancient branch of Christianity, Adoptionism. It harmonizes and reconciles our great Western heritage with modernity, weaving together the ancient wisdom of the ages with modern insights, but with an emphasis on keeping as much as possible of the teachings and practices of Western tradition and faith. It beckons to us, inviting us to draw closer to God by seeking Wisdom, practicing Virtue, and laboring with Hope.

When you honestly appraise yourself and your life, could you be aiming higher? Perhaps existence is calling to you to do more, to be more. Perhaps the Triple Path is calling to you to take up the challenge and embark on a spiritual quest. Test its fruits for yourself. Rediscover the sacred. Come back to religion and God.


Book Length: Epic Novel – 650+ Pages


James Kenneth Rogers