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Chasing Nirvana

By Ellyn Oaksmith

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Raves for Ellyn Oaksmith:
"Completely addictive!" -- Five-star review, Amazon
"Must read!" -- Five-star review, Amazon
"I could not put it down!" -- Five-star review, Amazon
"Hilarious! Charming! All the feels!" -- Five-star review, Goodreads
"I wish I could give it more stars!" -- Five-star review, Goodreads.

A 24-hour road trip to find the most popular band in the world and convince them to play at prom? What could possibly go wrong?

In 1993, Fran is a girl keeping a secret: she's gay. Nominated for prom queen by a spiteful hater, Fran promises to none other than Nirvana, at the peak of their popularity, to play at prom. Fran's friends take off on an epic twenty-four-hour road trip to a Nirvana concert. Fran's girl crush Allison joins them, sneaking away from home.

Can Fran evade backstage security and meet Kurt Cobain? Will a ferocious Tiger Mom ruin everything? And what about that over-zealous backstage security guard? Sink into 90's nostalgia. Join Fran on the journey of a lifetime where friendship means everything, fame is a lie, and love just might conquer all.


Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages


Ellyn Oaksmith