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Warrior Knight

By Paul J Bennett

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Win a tournament, find a wealthy patron, and be set for life—how hard can it be?
Desperate to escape the unending duty and responsibility of being a baron's son, Ludwig Altenburg seeks glory on the field of honour. He soon learns there's more to fighting than simple swordplay.

When mere bravado is not enough, the only option left to him is to join a mercenary group, sharpening his skills through death and destruction. But with enemies lurking amongst friends, forging a new identity as a warrior is fraught with danger.

As armies gather, the looming threat of conflict forces him to take up the mantle of leadership. Only then does he begin to understand the true cost of war.

Will his willingness to sacrifice everything to save others be his downfall or his saving grace?

Join Ludwig Altenburg on the field of battle in Warrior Knight, the heart-racing, thought-provoking second book of Paul J Bennett's Power Ascending series.

Arm yourself with a copy of Warrior Knight and experience what it means to be truly noble!

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Book Length: Long Novel – 320-650 Pages