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The Trouble with Wanting

By Jillian Liota

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Ruby Roberts is heading to Cedar Point to connect with the father who left her behind. A handsome stranger on her cross-country flight isn’t what she’s expecting, but their relaxed smiles and easy conversation leaves free-spirited Ruby wanting something... more.

Boyd Mitchell is flying home for some end-of-summer relaxation and time with his favorite people – his family. A talkative seat-mate that pulls him out of his carefully crafted shell is the last thing he wants, but he can’t seem to resist her charm.

When Boyd and Ruby end up in the same lakeside town, their banter and flirtation quickly become a steamy fling that leaves them both breathless. Neither of them are expecting to find a romance that has them both reconsidering everything they believe about love.

As their time in Cedar Point comes to an end, the two will have to decide whether they want their connection to turn into a real-world relationship, or whether wanting more is nothing but trouble.


The Trouble with Wanting is book one in the Cedar Point series, a series of interconnected standalone romance novels following five siblings as they find their happily-ever-afters in a lakeside small town in the mountains. While the books can be read in any order, readers will receive tidbits throughout the series about other couples. For the best, spoiler-free experience, it's encouraged to read the series in order.


Book Length: Long Novel – 320-650 Pages