Twins for Brother's Best Friend

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Twins for Brother's Best Friend

By Sofia T Summers

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The only thing that’s worse than being your ex boyfriend’s surrogate is falling in love with him and not wanting to give up his babies. Yes, I said babies. As in plural. Not one. But two. I never thought that I’d give birth to twins. Especially the twins that I can’t even keep. I fake married Isaac, my brother’s best friend, who desperately needed an heir to be able to keep his billion-dollar kingdom. And I needed his money to keep myself from drowning under my student debt. But no, if only a simple contract could guarantee that I don’t catch feelings. He’s the man who took my V-card all those years ago. The same man who still adores my curves, and the one whose babies I’m pregnant with. Is it too bad that I don’t want his money anymore? I want things that he can never give me… his heart and a family.


Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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