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Hard Aground . . . Again: Inspiration for the Navigationally Challenged and Spiritually Stuck (FREE SHIPPING)

By Eddie Jones eddiejones.org

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Noah had a hundred years to plan his first cruise and he still ran aground at the end of the passage. The Apostle Paul dreamed of harbor-hopping the coast of Italy but wrecked on a reef and had to swim ashore. Even the great and powerful Moses got stuck in the weeds of the Nile.

Running aground is nothing to be ashamed of, but staying stuck is. In Hard Aground . . . Again, boating columnist Eddie Jones turns his unique way of looking at the sailing lifestyle towards family, God, and serving others. For anyone who feels their hopes have been sitting high and dry or their dreams are all washed up, these brief meditations will help turn the tide.

With over 32 humorous essays, this book brings spiritual insight and humor into the trials and disappointments of boating, relationships and living in general. Hard Aground... Again is about getting your life unstuck and your dreams soaring again.

"A satisfying large dose of Eddie's down-to-earth humor... along with a goodly supply of advice—some of it actually useful!" - Ted Brewer
Reader Comments
"This author's writing style definitely resonates with me. I've enjoyed every book I've read, and this one, while different from the rest, does more of the same. I love his brand of humor wrapped around truth. And the cartoon drawings are delightful as well. I'll keep looking for more of the author's books to read. Thanks for being a prolific writer." - Leanna
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