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The Rings of the Inconquo Trilogy: The Complete Series

By A.L. Knorr

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A powerful artifact, a secret society, an ancient evil. Can
Ibby embrace her destiny as Inconquo guardian before an ages-old demon is
unleashed on London?

Ibby’s parents gave up everything for a chance at a better
life. So, after a terrible accident leaves her alone in London, Ibby works her
internship at the British Museum and goes to her classes to make them proud.But
when Ibby finds a strange artifact and encounters a mysterious professor in the
bowels of the museum, she learns that her lineage means bigger responsibilities
than good grades.

Training in the secrecy of a ghostly underground tube
station defunct since 1933, her waking powers means Ibby must face the wrath of
a titan with a vendetta against her kind...and she has to do it alone.

Uncovered after thousands of years, the dark foundations
that make her who and what she is begin to rise again. The progenitor, the very
first of her bloodline, stirs fitfully––Ninurta, Founder of Kalhu, Hunter
before the Gods, Warrior without Match. If he has his way, he will reshape the
world with iron, fire, and blood.

Her mentor stolen away and her friends falling around her,
Ibby knows too well what she faces. Merciless conspiracies, ancient horrors,
treacheries old and new, all are arraigned against a young woman who only wants
to see her broken family safe. But with grit, pluck, and a will of iron she is
going to save the world, or die trying.

Witness the forging of a modern legend today!


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Book Length: Epic Novel – 650+ Pages

A.L. Knorr