Admit You Need Me

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Admit You Need Me

By Ajme Williams

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I live by a million rules. But this one is the most important: Never do relationships. Maggie’s sweet face demanded me to kiss it. Her red, fiery hair asked for me to run my fingers through it. But that was supposed to be it. Just one night. As a former military man and the owner of a billion-dollar business, I’ve got a tough life. I’ve got enough complications of my own. But Maggie left a mark on me that I couldn’t get rid of. She made me want to help her out. Rescue her from her abusive ex. Now all I think about is her gorgeous curves. I crave another taste of her. I know that she hates relationships as much as I do. But if I can change my mind and give this a shot, can she do it too? Especially if she’s carrying a part of me inside her belly?


Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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