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The Indian's Mail Order Bride

By Amelia Rose

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When you’ve done all that you can to find something true, what else is there to do but trust in fate?
Wambleeska, the youngest son of the Lakota Chief, has grown up in a changing world.
Gone are the days of his forefathers. Now, the future is bright with possibilities, and Wambleeska is ready to join his people in this exciting, new world.
There is just one problem.
Unlike his brother, who recently found love and happiness, Wambleeska has felt no connection with any of the women from his tribe, or even the ladies belonging to the nearby settlement of Daisy Creek.
Longing for a family of his own, Wambleeska decides to take matters into his own hands and advertise for a mail-order-bride.
Miles away, Faith Smith has lived a life caught between two worlds.

Her fair skin is a constant reminder that she does not belong to the Indian couple who raised her, and Faith longs for a home where she can feel accepted and not torn between her uncertain heritage and her adopted family.
So, when the advertisement she finds for a mail-order bride suddenly opens a new door, it is one that Faith is all too thrilled to step through.
Once they meet, Faith and Wambleeska begin to see that they have more in common than they ever would have thought possible.

But in the Old West, there is no telling what troubles may lay ahead -- and now that the pair have found each other, one can only wonder…

Where might their new future be leading them?

The Indian’s Mail Order Bride is a delightful story of love and finding your place in the world. Will Faith and Wambleeska find their place together? Or will fate turn against them?

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Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages


Amelia Rose