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Descendant: The Revelations of Oriceran (The Kacy Chronicles Book 1)

By A.L. Knorr

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Born to a wealthy Virginian family, privileged Jordan's got
her life all planned out. Get her PhD in forensic linguistics, make her State
Senator father proud. Find the perfect Virginia man to marry and pop out a few
more Kacys.

If only Jordan could let the past rest.

When your mother disappears without a trace it carves a gash
that bleeds a long time. Jordan has never given up hope that her mother is
alive. So when Jordan's old nanny shows up with a mysterious locket
containing a portrait of Jordan's mother, Jordan believes her hope was not in

When the locket opens a portal to an alternate universe
and a stranger hurtles through to earth, it's not her first clue that something
very strange is at play. 
Teaming up with Sol, a disgruntled courier
who's lost his wings, Jordan embarks on a haphazard quest. Facing off with
interfering barmaids, terrifying harpies, and disorganized elves with a
penchant for inventing magic they can't reverse is only the beginning.

Can Jordan find her mother and learn the truth
about her disappearance? And what happens if the truth is far from what she





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Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages