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Intent to Have

By Kate J. Blake

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She's my business partner's daughter. A forbidden fruit I should never desire. Except I do.

Lauren Grant is a princess, practically American royalty, while I was a tramp digging my way to success.
I know she should be with somebody else. I know I do not deserve her. But that doesn't make me want her less.
I stalked her for months, trying to get rid of this obsession, but it only made me crave her more. That's when I tricked her into a one-week stay on a deserted island where no one interrupted us.
Will it help me make her mine? Moreover, will she agree to be with me after finding the truth?

• Forced Proximity
• Dad’s Best Friend
• Insta-Everything
• Extremely Spicy
• Over-the-top Sweet

INTENT TO HAVE is a low-drama, feel-good, and very spicy romance novella between an older man and a curvy young woman. It is written in a dual point of view with no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a beautiful Happily Ever After GUARANTEED.


Book Length: Novella – 60-150 Pages


Kate J. Blake