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The Texicans

By Jinx Schwartz

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This book takes the reader back to a time in Texas history that few even know about.
In 1806, THIRTY years before the Battle at the Alamo, a pioneering family immigrated to Spanish Texas, one of only a handful of non-Hispanics living there at the time.
They came for the land but found themselves caught in a bitter conflict between Mexico and Spain for control of Tejas territory.
Joining forces with a dashing young Spanish Royalist deserter, they fight to successfully rid Mexico and Texas from Spanish rule, only to find themselves vilified by North Americans pouring illegally into Mexican Texas's unprotected border.
Targets of prejudice by virtue of their Mexican citizenship, the German family is torn along cultural lines as a man they once trusted, Mexican President Santa Ana, forces them to pick a side.Scroll Up and Grab Your Copy Today!


Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages


Jinx Schwartz