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Deputy While Immigrant: The Story of a German Who Became a Deputy Sheriff in Arizona

By Tom Peine

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The incredible journey of a German immigrant who came from the corporate world of business lunches and suit-and-tie dress code to experiencing 9/11 shortly after arriving in his new home country. Then destiny flung him to the far southwestern corner of the United States, where he became a Deputy Sheriff at the age of 41.

In this autobiography, Peine takes the reader on a virtual ride-along, chronicling his life on the beat, later as a detective, and finally as the official spokesperson for the department. This book offers the author’s unique experience of American police culture through the eyes of a European immigrant. It subjects the reader to an unfiltered look at life in and around Tucson, AZ, from 2006 to 2015.

It’s not all gun-slinging but rather a recollection and reflection on his time as a peace officer with the department that once had Wyatt Earp among its members.
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Tom Peine