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Four Stepbrothers for Christmas

By K.C. Crowne

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"What's the surprise, Mom?" I ask, tingling with curiosity.
"Your future step-brothers are here!"
As the door swings open, my heart lurches to a halt.
I know these men. Intimately.

Imagine a snowy holiday retreat with four captivating, successful men.
AKA the stars of your wildest fantasies.

The catch? They're your bosses.
But their eyes linger on you like you're the last of Santa's cookies.
So for seven unforgettable days you relish in all their attention and hunger.

You say your goodbyes and thank Santa for making your wildest wish come true.
But when you arrive home for Christmas you receive the most shocking news!


Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages

K.C. Crowne