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The Masques of Noble Mansion

By Juliet Robbe

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This is the introductory short story to the complete three-volume series HOUSE OF THE SERVINGMEN. If you are ready for a dangerously steamy and romantic story with handsome men who adore women – but a story without darkness or grimness – this is your series.

The huge stone house known as Noble Mansion has existed in secret for many centuries, and has been run by generations of the Noble family as a place devoted solely to the pleasure of women. 

Each female guest is provided with one or more masqued male companions, known as masques or  servingmen, who are only too happy to fulfill her every fantasy. All she has to do is make her wishes known.

Please Note: This is a steamy, romantic short story and contains detailed encounters between consenting adults over the age of 21. There is no violence or mistreatment between the partners. No part of this work was created using artificial intelligence (AI) software of any kind.

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Juliet Robbe