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Love Reclaimed

By Constance Phillips

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He’s everyone’s hero but hers. So why does he long to rekindle the embers of their past passion?

From high school star athlete lettering in three sports to becoming a fireman, Brian Doravek has always lived to save the day, but when it comes to Charlene Norris, he somehow fails to live up. He lost her in high school and then failed to save her father—his mentor—when he suffered a heart attack at the station.

A year ago, Charlene’s newly perfect life went up in flames when her father died of a heart attack. He was surrounded by his brothers on the fire department, yet no one could save him. Now, she’s moving back to Caseville—where she always felt like an outsider—to be close to her mom, leaving behind the life she’s built. She fears facing the demons of her past, especially Brian—the man who stole her heart and broke it all at once. Will the unquenched flames of their past passion save them or destroy them?
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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Constance Phillips