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roses the chase

By daniel bogogolela

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a compelling young adult story about two young guys, fighting for the love and affection of the same lady. It is only after they had have a longstanding tiff that they both realise how they had been played for fools by her. she wasn't, they discovered, who she appeared to be than a charlatan who swindles money from men way older than they're. In the end the antogonist; a guy who had initially under a guise, had stolen her from the protagonist, a guy who though had his eyes set upon her, had failed to let her know how he felt about her before the antagonist had won her love and affection. the protagonist in turn finds a love of his life after having gone for an ordinary girl post his initial wanton girl's heart-break cause upon him. when his initial wanton lover want to have him, he is so deeply in love with his new girl that he doesn't even give her time to explain herself to him. and the antagonist, his best friend of old, has nowhere else to go as far as love is concerned, than hang around his friends who have ladies who really love them for who they are than for what they have.


Book Length: Novella – 60-150 Pages